The General Post Office (GPO) Dublin

Audio Tour – 60 minutes – 5km – Dublin, Ireland

While we walk  you’ll notice how lively Dublin is with some 751 pubs. A lot of them are beautifully decorated, but O’Neill’s opposite the Molly Malone statue is one of the best on our route. The food is excellent too. Dublin also has an abundance of museums. There are 45 in all and most of them are free to visit. Two of the best are the National History Museum and the Little Museum of Dublin. I’ll guide you to both of them, and I highly recommend popping into them either before, after or during our tour.

Places to stop along the way

There are a plethora of Coffee shops along the route one of my favourites is Keoghs on Trinity Street, there are 45 museums in Dublin city we will be passing by some including the one I like best the History and Archeology Museum.
There are 751 pubs in Dublin and there are many on our route, I would recommend stopping at O’Donoghues it’s one of the stops on the tour and it’s a traditional Irish music pub.

Best time of day:  Morning at 11am

Precautions:  Keep an eye out for the cobbled stone streets and be aware of uneven payments, as this is Dublin it rains a lot so please bring an umbrella and wear comfortable shoes, please only cross the road at pedestrian crossings.