Come And See Where Legends Were Built!

Just over 100 years ago, the city of Belfast was a manufacturing powerhouse for the British Empire. Belfast had over 30 Linen Mills and was known as ‘Linenopolis’ as the city was the world’s largest producer of Linen, Belfast also produced about 60% of Irelands Whiskey, most of it exported to the US. The city also boasted the largest Rope Factory (Belfast Rope Works) and Cigarette Factory (Gallagher Co.) in the world, and its innovative engineering companies were producing Air Conditioning and Tea Drying (Sirocco Works) machines and Spinning and Weaving machines (James Mackie & Sons) for the Linen Industry. Belfast of course was also one of the world’s major ship manufacturers, and Harland & Wolff in East Belfast was the largest single Shipyard in the world. Sadly, today most of these great manufacturers are gone or in the case of Harland & Wolff do still exist but are a fraction of what they were in their ‘Glory Days’, though thankfully some of the original Built Heritage and Maritime Infrastructure has been restored and refurbished.

‘Lagan Legends’ Walking/Cycle Tour

Join me on my ‘Lagan Legends’ Walking/Cycle Tour and I will take you on a journey along the River Lagan, starting at the ‘Big Fish’ where Belfast gets its name from and finishing at the Thomson Dry Dock where the iconic Titanic was ‘Fitted Out’ before steaming out of her birthplace never to return! Along the way I will tell you the story of how a small 17th Century settlement with a shallow silted upriver became one of the World’s Major Ports, and a World Leader in Ship Building. You will also get up close to some of the remaining Maritime Infrastructure (Dry Docks/Slipways etc.), Vessels (SS Nomadic/HMS Caroline) and you will see inside what the Administration Building of Harland & Wolff was, now the (Titanic Hotel). The tour will also take you onto the historic Titanic Slipway where I will tell the story of the launch of the great ship in 1911 and tell stories of the men who built her (Including my G Grandfather), we may also get to play a game they played on their lunch breaks.

Walk or Cycle?

The tour can be taken as a Walking Tour or Cycle Tour, all my tours use my state-of-the-art radio system to ensure all commentary is heard and comfortable distancing can be adhered to. I also supply Helmets, Hi-Vis Vests and Bike Hire (Belfast Bikes) are included in the price.

*NB Min Prices apply, see website for further details.

The Lagan Legends Tour is ‘Embrace a Giant Spirit’ Brand aligned and endorsed by Tourism NI