COSTUMES & PUMPKINS & CANDY OH MY! with Experiencing Ireland
Get the kids out into the fresh air. Let them lose. Have fun following our SPOOKY TRAIL in the woods.

About this event

SAMHAIN – The end of Summer. Darkness descends on the land. A time when the two worlds come so close that the SPIRITS can cross over for just one night. A very SCARY time to definitely spend an afternoon In Dunmore Wood, County Laois .

Come in your costumes and follow the spooky trail through the woods finding all kinds of “other worldly beings” . Learn the stories of Halloween and Samhain. Hot chocolate and a bag of goodies awaits all the children and of course Tea or Coffee for the slightly taller children.

We are thrilled to be back for Customes & Pumpkins & Candy Oh My again. It feels so long ago. We have put some restrictions in place and we know that’s okay with you. Book the event that has the time you would like. There is an event every half hour and numbers are restricted to 15 children per half hour plus the parents. This is just your start time and you can stay in your family bubble. Take as long as you like, there are plenty of trails in the woods if you really want to wear people out.

Can’t wait to see you all there. Any questions just comment or pm me. Trudy, Experiencing Ireland