Girls Who Run Ireland

Have you checked out Girls Who Run Ireland? Here is a little bit about this wonderful initiative by Tara Wilson Black.

At Girls Who Run Ireland we teach self-respect, respect for oneself. Self-discipline humility, honesty, values and acceptance. Children’s mental health matters, we provide a toolkit for young girls that will assist them navigating the turbulent teen years. The program is designed to combine a holistic active wellbeing camp for young girls with lessons that teach actual life skills. We challenge the girls by asking them to ask themselves -Why am I polite? Because I have value and respect for others. Why do I exercise? Because I have self-respect. First, we learn to love ourselves and love our strengths. The only person whom we have control over is ourselves. We have no control over other people, places, and things but we do have control over how we perceive them.

It is our desire that each Queen who passes through our program feels comfortable in their own body and their own skin. We do this through mindfulness, meditation, yoga, nutrition and exercise. We show them what a positive body looks like and we encourage our little Queens to step out of the shade into the sunshine. The greatest gift I can give myself is to celebrate the gifts I have, acknowledge my strengths and to teach my daughter and our Queens to celebrate their gifts too. We would like to teach them to live an inspired and full life. Our scars are what make us beautiful. We each have a story to tell, and we use our scars as illustrations in that story. We want them to believe in the power of being extraordinary. She is in there. The Queen is strong, powerful, intelligent, resilient, creative, and beautiful. She is just waiting for permission to reveal herself to the world.

The program is designed to combine a holistic active wellbeing camp for young girls with lessons that teach actual life skills. Children should be allowed to be children. To simply play, engage in non-competitive sport, to be challenged and to challenge. To use their imaginations, to create, to listen to music and to dance. To be at one with nature, to find fun, to push boundaries, to find themselves, to lose themselves, to be with their peers, to find real life solutions to real life situations. To fall, pick themselves back up, to learn to think outside the box, to communicate through whatever medium they feel comfortable. To find out who they are, what floats their boat, what their talents are and what they love about themselves and life. Share the program with your sisters, nieces, friends and fellow Queens. This program is a game changer for young girls and tweens.

We are committed to delivering a fun, creative, holistic wellbeing summer camp program for 8–12-year-old girls.  Our summer camp program runs from 5th July right through until 23rd August. Mon-Fri, 10am – 2pm daily.

TO BOOK EMAIL: Check out or @girlswhorunireland