Out In The World At EPIC

‘Out in the World’: An LGBTQ+ exhibition put together while stuck inside

Being asked to deliver a live streamed tour that focused on Pride Week in Ireland was something that threw me right outside of my comfort zone.  I could have hobbled something together, but I decided to leave it to the experts.  I approached the team at Epic, The Irish Emigration Museum and was delighted when they agreed to partner with us for a one off live streamed tour for Pride Month 2021.  After some serious consideration, we felt that it would be best to let one of the wonderful guides, Daniel to give us a tour of the new ‘Out in the world: An LGBTQ+ exhibition put together while stuck inside’ before the exhibition moved to the lower levels of the museum.  It was 100% the right decision.

Out in the World features 12 stories across six themes: exclusion, community, love, defiance, solidarity, and return.

“The exhibition highlights some previously hidden parts of the past, but there is still a lot of work to be done – both in terms of making history and recording it”  The exhibition was brought to life by our guide and is an emotional piece of work, curated in such a way that the viewer  is left feeling everything from deep sadness for those who could not stay,  to embarrassment that our country could have treated people the way they did,  to hope  that we have changed and acceptance on finding a welcoming and safe place for people to share their own stories and not forget the stories that have been hidden away for so long.  Maurice Casey, DFA Historian-in-Residence at EPIC and Curator of Out in the World: Ireland’s LGBTQ+ Diaspora brought an important part of our history to life in a sensitive yet honest way that shows life as it really was.  It isn’t sugar coated or brushed over it in the way that so many of us are guilty of doing.   Instead, it celebrates the relationships, the formidable activists who helped change the world and the triumphs in the face of so much adversity.  It does this as much as it highlights the struggles, inequality and hardships that were endured.  As a nation we have become more accepting but we still have a long way to go to making society truly equal.  I strongly recommend taking a look at the website to find to find out more about the artists involved, the stories and more information about the project. Check it out HERE 

You can visit the exhibition at Epic until the end of the year

The exhibition will then travel to different countries.   I recommend checking it out while you still have the chance.   Click HERE to book your tickets to Epic.

“Across the generations, Irish LGBTQ+ people have emigrated and found opportunities to live and love abroad. EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, in partnership with the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs, are proud to play a role in illuminating this hidden history of Irish emigration.

Across six themes – exclusion, community, love, defiance, solidarity and return – Out in the World highlights twelve stories from the vast history of Ireland’s LGBTQ+ diaspora. The exhibition also features an artwork by award winning Irish designer and multi-disciplinary artist Richard Malone”