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Vanishing Ireland Podcast Turtle Bunbury discusses life and its learnings with Ireland's elders, celebrating voices of courage, kindness and humour for future generations. The Vanishing Ireland project was co-founded by Turtle and photographer James Fennell in 2001. Visit for more.
War and Peace in a Docklands Hotel by Eastwall ...
North Wall Quay, the 11th April 1921. It could have been any other day on the Dublin Docks as hundreds of dockers, quay laborer's, carters and seamen made their way to work. Even the military guard at the front door of the London Northwestern Railway Hotel was becoming a familiar figure. But despite appearances, this was anything but a normal day. At 8.00 am a number of armed men emerged from the throng of workers and approached the Hotel building, an action which signaled the start of the most audacious attack carried out against the British Crown Forces this area had ever witnessed. But the story of the LNWR Hotel did not begin with this gun battle - rather it was just one chapter in a Docklands tale of cross channel tourism, a gateway to the country, a place of luxurious surroundings , with its origins in an abandoned plans plans for a cattle market. On the centenary of this major ambush during the War of Independence , the East Wall History Group is proud to release this documentary to mark the occasion , which includes details of not only of the attack on the LNWR Hotel but also places the building in its correct context as a major feature in the story of Dublin Port. A feature by film-makers Louis Maxwell and Conor Forkin. Supported by the Dublin City Council Decade of Commemorations Fund for Communities. #lovedublinhistory
The Heritage Council Podcast Series
Listen to The Heritage Council's Podcast Series Our podcasts this year will explore a broad overview of the multi-layered experiences which encompass Ireland’s past. These podcasts will also put into context how this sense of heritage is all part of our collective experience, and why so much of what went before, still resonates in the present. #virtuallyirish #virtuallyirishcommunity