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Vanishing Ireland Podcast
Vanishing Ireland Podcast Turtle Bunbury discusses life and its learnings with Ireland's elders, celebrating voices of courage, kindness and humour for future generations. The Vanishing Ireland project was co-founded by Turtle and photographer James Fennell in 2001. Visit for more.
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Waterford Walls Podcast
Waterford Walls Podcast On June 17th 2021, Waterford Walls launched its pilot podcast episode as part of the national digital arts Brightening Air programme. Tune in to our podcast, where we hear from the festival organisers, wall owners and local community on the impact the stunning Waterford Walls art has had. Theme music composed and produced by local Waterfordian musician Alex Gough. What's coming next: In August another episode with interviews of the before and after install of artwork, focusing on the Ballybeg community and also a short feature episode with Alex Gough doing a walk of the Waterford Walls. Waterford Walls Podcast is kindly funded by Brightening Air/Coiscéim Coiligh, Arts Council of Ireland and Waterford Council." Our social media channels are: Waterford Walls on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and our website is
Ireland Talks Podcast
Listen to Ireland Talks Podcast.  In each episode Kevin Byrne is joined by some well know artists, actors and sometimes not so well known people to discuss their life and experience in Ireland. Follow the Podcast on Twitter &  Instagram 
The Heritage Council Podcast Series
Listen to The Heritage Council's Podcast Series Our podcasts this year will explore a broad overview of the multi-layered experiences which encompass Ireland’s past. These podcasts will also put into context how this sense of heritage is all part of our collective experience, and why so much of what went before, still resonates in the present. #virtuallyirish #virtuallyirishcommunity
Putting Town Centres First: The Heritage Counc...
A podcast series from The Heritage Council  to raise awareness and understanding of key issues now confronting our historic town centres. Protecting the heritage of our historic town centres has never been more important given the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. The traditional economic heartbeat of such places is under serious threat. Small and medium sized businesses are especially vulnerable. From the coffee shop on the corner, to brand name retail businesses, there is an air of uncertainty. Challenges of Covid have placed unprecedented pressures on traditional urban areas because of the effects of lockdown and other restraints. Yet the heart of many of our Town Centres contain layers of history and heritage. Town squares, streets, laneways, traditional and sometimes landmark buildings, and streetscapes that have survived the rigors of centuries, are vital for our historical memory and sense of place. In a landmark move, the Heritage Council has now launched its first ever podcast series. ‘Putting Town Centres First’ provides timely insights, not least the multilayered challenges posed by Covid-19. The new series aims to raise awareness and understanding of key issues now confronting our historic town centres. It highlights the overwhelming need for innovative and collaborative responses and solutions. The new podcast series is part of the innovative Collaborative Town Centre Health Check Programme (CTCHC). #virtuallyirish #virtuallyirishcommunity