Lagan Legends Walking Tour

Lagan Legends Walking Tour

Duration: 90 minutes

Start: ‘The Big Fish’, Belfast

Type: Walking Mic Tour

Dates: Multiple Dates

Cost: £15 / approx. €23.50 per person

Let us take you on a walking tour along the River Lagan from the Lagan Weir to the Thomson Dry Dock,  join us and discover the heritage and history of one of the worlds most historic Maritime area’s.

Highlights:  The Titanic’s Slipways, see the last surviving White Star Ship the beautiful SS Nomadic, the last surviving ship from the WW1 Battle of Jutland the historic HMS Caroline, and see some of the surviving buildings and infrastructure.

Afterwards you can enjoy a reviving tea/coffee in the Café 1404 at the finish point (Thomson Dry Dock), and then either use the nearby public transport Metrobus/Glider back to Belfast City Centre or walk back to discover more about the iconic visitor attractions featured on the tour.

(Visitor Attractions and retail outlets may be currently closed due to Covid-19 Restrictions, tours take approx. 1.45 hours).

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