How it works:  

Virtually Irish has supplied Scoil Cholmcille with a list of names of people who influenced Irish history.  Each participant will be allocated a name or alias.  This is the only information that Virtually Irish will receive related to the participants in order to comply with GDPR requirements and to keep the activity anonymous.  


  • The school has sent out an email to parents asking them to register their child’s interest.  
  • Each child will be allocated an alias which they must use when submitting their photos. 
  • In order to be entered into the raffle, all photos need to be submitted on or before 21st August 2021.  
  • Once all of the photos have been uploaded to the list of names (aliases) will be emailed to the school.  
  • The school put all of the names in a hat for a raffle.  
  • First prize is a Sony Digital Camera.  
  • There are some runner up prizes. 



Staying inside Kilbogget Park and staying on the path, solve the clues and take a photo of each answer.  You should have 6 photos by the end of the activity.  Once you have taken the photos and have permission from an adult, upload your images on the form on the website.  



Kilbogget Scavenger Hunt is an activity designed by Virtually Irish for National Heritage Week for the children of Scoil Cholmcille Ballybrack.  The purpose of the scavenger hunt is to encourage children to get outside, learn about their environment and record it.  


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Images of people, especially children, will not be accepted. 
  2. Images taken from outside the park will not be accepted
  3. Any images deemed inappropriate will not be accepted 
  4. Please adhere to HSE safety guidelines for outdoor activities
  5. All images must be submitted on or before the 21st of August 2021.  Submissions after this date will not be entered into the raffle. 
  6. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, drink enough water and keep away from the water’s edge.  Be mindful of other people using the park and look out for oncoming cyclists.  
  7. A photo gallery will be available on the website for the children to look at their and the other children’s work.  Images will be identified using the child’s alias. 
  8. By submitting your images, you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions. 


*Please note that it is the sole responsibility of the responsible adult to ensure the safety of the children participating, Virtually Irish and Scoil Colmcilles will be held responsible for any damage caused, accidents, loss of property that may happen while taking part in this individual activity.